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2016-2017 Athletic Department Student Handbook

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Indian Land High School Athletic Department

Policies and Procedures 2016-2017

All student-athletes and coaches will comply with all school, district, and S.C. High School League policies.  Players and parents must understand that playing is a privilege and not a right.  Any and all privileges may be taken away at any time.   Playing time is not guaranteed just because a child is on the team.


An athlete must have a physical, birth certificate, and signed parent permission form on file with the athletic director before he/she will be allowed to practice with any team.  Academic eligibility is determined at the end of the semester. Fall and winter sports eligibility is determined by spring semester grades and spring sports eligibility is determined by fall semester grades.

Fall Sports: if a student makes two F’s in spring semester the previous year, they will be allowed to go to summer school to replace one of the F’s with a course of equal credit.  Winter Sports: if a student makes two F’s in spring semester the previous year, they will be allowed to go to summer school to replace one of the F’s with a course of equal credit.

Spring Sports: students must have no more than one F at the end of the fall semester to be eligible to play spring sports.

Additionally, the athlete must meet all eligibility requirements outlined in the S.C. High School League handbook, and be in line to graduate on time.


  • Athletes will only be allowed to participate in one sport per season. Players may not practice with one team while playing for another.  For example:  when fall and winter sports overlap and when winter and spring sports overlap.  Summer is defined as open season by the SCHSL and a player may practice/workout with more than one team.
  • Athletes will not be allowed to participate on an outside team of any sport while playing for an ILHS team. Students need time to rest, to prepare for classes, and to prepare for games.  Example:  Athletes may not play AAU basketball during basketball season.  This includes recreation and church leagues.
  • Seventh and eighth graders who participate on ILHS JV or Varsity teams must abide by all ILHS Athletic Department rules and regulations. Seventh and eighth graders will participate on the ILMS team if ILMS offers a team for that particular sport.  If not they may try out for the JV or varsity team.
  • All athletes are required to show up for practice within the first five school days of scheduled practices or they will not be allowed to participate in that sport. If there is a special situation that dictates an athlete must miss the first five days of practice arrangements must be made with the head coach of that sport and the athletic director prior to the start of practice.  Students who are injured or participating on another school sponsored team will be allowed to try out for another team after their current team’s season has concluded.
  • If it is necessary for the head coach of a team to make a cut, all decisions are final. There are no appeals.  If a student misses part of tryouts due to injury or illness it is the student’s  and/or parent’s responsibility to notify the coach before final cuts.
  • The coaches at Indian Land are here to help all athletes in any way and we welcome the opportunity to discuss any problems or concerns you may have about your child. However, playing time is a coach’s decision and is not open for discussion.  Players are not guaranteed a certain amount of playing time.

Ladder of Communication

JV Coach or Asst. Coach àHead CoachàAthletic DirectoràPrincipal

In the unlikely event that an athlete or parent may have a conflict with a coach, the following is the proper chain of command to follow in order to resolve a conflict.

  • The athlete should speak face to face with the coach.
  • The athlete should speak face to face with the head coach of the team or the head varsity coach of the sport (if the conflict is with a JV coach).
  • The parent should speak face to face with the coach the conflict involves.
  • The parent should speak face to face with the head coach of the team or the head varsity coach of the sport (if the conflict is with a JV coach).
  • The player and parent should speak to the athletic director
  • The player and parent speak to the principal
  • Arrange a conference with the coach, the athletic director, the principal, and the athlete involved.


  1. Parents must understand that there is no inherent right to play interscholastic sports and the coach alone will determine who plays and how much.  Playing time is not guaranteed to any player.
  2. Parents must understand they are entrusting the coach with their child and that the coach will act in the best interest of all the children on the team.
  3. Parents must understand that they are not the coach.  It is not in the best interest of the team if a parent tries to coach their child from the stands during or between plays or during time outs.
  4. Parents must understand that it is inappropriate to confront a coach at any time.  A parent may request a meeting or conference with any coach so long as the coach has a minimum 24 hours notice.  Do not confront coaches before or after games; win or lose.
  5. Parents must understand the following are not acceptable: a) making derogatory remarks or comments about coaches, players, officials or others b) attending athletic events while intoxicated c) entering the locker room, bench area or playing field during a game or practice without the coach’s permission d) being offensive or disruptive in any manner.
  6. Please realize that your admittance to this venue is a privilege to observe and support this athletic event, not a license by act, word or deed to verbally or physically assault anyone.  Please conduct yourself with character and class.


Players are not to be ejected from any contest.  If they are ejected, they may be suspended from the next game and school pending a ruling from the SCHSL, athletic director, and principal.  If a player is ejected from a contest twice in the same season, then they will be removed from the team.  If a player is ejected a total of three times during the same school year then they cannot participate in athletics the remainder of the school year.

Copied from the S.C. High School League Constitution (below)

Unsportsmanlike acts that take place at the site of an interscholastic contest are League matters. The League shall discipline violators of the following items.

  1. An athlete who is ejected for using abusive language, flagrantly or maliciously contacting another person, making obscene gestures to opponents or spectators, shall be ineligible for a minimum of the next contest to the maximum of one year depending on the seriousness of the violation.

Any attempt to verbally abuse, make obscene gesture to, threaten or strike an official or

member of the opposing coaching staff, shall be considered a serious violation making the athlete ineligible for a minimum of the next two contests to the maximum of one year. Any action that warrants a maximum penalty will also require that the school be placed on immediate probation in that sport. The League Office will review any other action(s) that result in an ejection with the possibility of additional penalties.

NOTE: Any ejection that warrants game(s) suspension will require the removal of the

athlete’s eligibility until the suspension has been served at the level of the ejection.

  1. Any athlete who leaves the bench area to become involved in a fracas will be disqualified from that game and will be subject to a minimum of a next game suspension depending on his or her involvement. A school whose athletes violate this bench policy will be subject to League discipline.
  2. An athlete who is ejected for the second time in the same sport will have his or her athletic eligibility removed for a minimum of two weeks. An athlete who has been ejected from three contests during a school year (all sports) shall become ineligible for the remainder of the school year. Game officials must report all player ejections so that the League Office can officially notify the school of each violation. When an athlete is ejected for the second time in the same sport, the school is required to immediately begin the above prescribed penalty.


All players are required to attend all practices.

  • If a player is sick and does not attend school that day he/she is responsible for notifying their head coach before the end of the school day that he/she will not be at practice. The player is also required to bring either a doctor or parent excuse to the head coach upon their return to school.  Otherwise, the absence will be unexcused.  This also applies in cases when a player gets sick at school and must sign out.  If a player is well enough to attend school all day then he/she is well enough to attend practice that day even though participation at practice may be limited.
  • If a player is to miss practice due to a scheduled doctor’s appointment, the head coach should be notified in writing, in person, or by a phone call by the parent 24 hours prior to the appointment. Failure to comply with this is an unexcused absence from practice.
  • In cases of any other absences (funerals, field trips, church related absences, etc…) the head coach must be notified by a parent of the absence at least 24 hours in advance, or the absence is unexcused.
  • Absences due to Out of School Suspension are unexcused.
  • Students are expected to attend at least one half a school day, the day of a game. Students are to be enrolled in a minimum of three classes each semester.
  • The practice schedule of each team is set at the discretion of that team’s head coach.

Punishment for unexcused absences:

1st Offense:  One game suspension

2nd Offense: Two game suspension

3rd Offense: Dismissal from team

  • Note: Suspension means a player will attend practice that week but will not dress or play in the next game(s).


Any player who does not return all equipment issued by the school will not be allowed to play in any games for any Indian Land athletic team until the equipment is returned or the school is compensated for the loss. Also, athletes may be held out of games if they have any school debts in excess of $100.  Athletes who owe money or equipment may practice but not play in games.


If a player quits a sport once the first ten days of practice, he/she will not be allowed to start practicing with another team until the team that he/she quit finishes their (team) season.


A student-athlete should not obligate themselves to a job that conflicts with practices or games.  Practices missed due to job conflicts are unexcused absences.  Players may not miss a game due to a job.  .

Injuries, Concussions & Training Room

The training room is not to be used an excuse for being late to practice.  If a student needs to see the trainer before practice then they are expected to arrive early.  If the trainer needs to spend extra time with a student before practice he will notify the coaches.  Players are not to take themselves out of practice to go to the trainer.  If there is a possible injury a player should report it to their position coach and their coach will decide if they need to see the trainer immediately.  Players who think they have a possible injury are expected to see the trainer after practice.  If you do not report it to the trainer after practice do not expect to get treatment before practice the following day.  The rule is if it hurts after practice go see the trainer after practice.  The second rule is if you are going to the training room after practice take a shower first.

Concussions are not to be taken lightly.  Any possible concussion must be taken seriously by the student and the parent.  Students who display symptoms of headache, dizziness, nausea or confusion need to report these symptoms to their coach and the trainer as soon as possible.  Remember these symptoms do not mean a student has a concussion, but the student should see the trainer as a precaution.  Students who are diagnosed with a concussion will have to complete the Lancaster County School District Concussion Return to Play Protocol before they are allowed to practice or play.

If a student needs to see a doctor we have a list of preferred providers that includes sports medicine doctors, orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists.  The trainer will provide a list when requested.  We respectfully request that students see the trainer before going to a family doctor for orthopedic injuries.

If a doctor writes a student out of participation, only that doctor can clear the student to return to full participation.  Clearance must be in writing.  However, if the trainer restricts a student’s participation or holds them out of participation then he can decide when that student returns to full participation.  Our trainer cannot overrule doctor’s notes.

NOTE: Only an MD or DO shall release an athlete, diagnosed as having a concussion, to return to competition or practice.

Late To Practice

Players are to be dressed and taped and on the field or in the gym at the time the head coach designates practice to begin.

Punishment:  To be determined by the head coach.  If tardies become a chronic problem (this means 3 or more unexcused tardies) the player may be dismissed from the team.  This also applies to coaches having to wait extended periods of time for a student’s ride to pick them up.


All players are to ride the bus to and from all away games.  If a situation arises where an athlete must ride with their parent, the parent must inform the head coach in writing 24 hours in advance.

Hair, Dress, and Jewelry

Hair must not interfere with an athlete’s ability to perform.  No jewelry may be worn at practice or in games.  Dress must be appropriate when representing ILHS (no hats or bandanas, no slacking); other specific requirements will be left to the discretion of the head coach.

Varsity Letters

Students who finish the season on a varsity team will earn a varsity letter.  Letter certificates will be distributed at awards night.  Actual letters and lettermen jackets may be purchased from Jostens.  A Jostens salesman will be on campus several times each year.  An $80 deposit is required to purchase a jacket. All checks should be made to Jostens.

Personal Behavior

Student athletes are expected to represent themselves, their school, and their community with good citizenship both on and off the field.  A coach may dismiss a player from the team for any combination of three or more discipline infractions (infractions may include late to practice, missing practice or school related discipline issues or activity determined to be detrimental to the team and/or school).

School Discipline

Athletes must understand that playing sports at Indian Land is a privilege and not a right.  We demand that our student athletes demonstrate good citizenship.  Athletes are required to address coaches, teachers, officials, and other adults respectfully.

A student athlete, who receives Tuesday School – punishment will be determined by the head coach.  Tuesday School will not be re-scheduled to accommodate games or practices.

A student athlete who is suspended out of school will not be allowed to participate or attend any athletic events while they are suspended.  A student who is suspended must sit out a minimum of one game.  A student who is suspended out of school twice during the same season will be dismissed from the team.  A student who is suspended out of school three times during the school year will be suspended from the entire athletic program for the remainder of the year.  A student may be removed from a team for any out of school suspension at the discretion of the principal and athletic director.


Athletes are not to use tobacco products of any kind.  They are not to be in possession of any tobacco products.  This means they cannot be found on your person, in your locker, in your bag, in your car or on social media.


1st Offense:  One game suspension

2nd Offense:  Two game suspension

3rd Offence:  Dismissal from the team

Alcohol and Illegal Drugs

Athletes are not to use alcohol or illegal drugs of any kind.  They are not to be found under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.  They are not to be in possession of any illegal drugs or alcohol.  This means they cannot be found on your person, in your locker, in your bag, in your car or on social media.

1st Offense Illegal Drugs:  Dismissal from team.

1st Offense Alcohol:  Dismissal from team.

2nd Offense Alcohol or Drugs:  Suspension from the entire athletic program for the remainder of the school year.

Athletes who violate the alcohol and drug policy may also be subject to school discipline, which could include suspension or expulsion.


If an athlete is arrested, he/she may be dismissed from the team or even from the entire athletic program for the remainder of the year depending upon the offense.

  • Felony charges will be handled as a school matter, regardless of when and where they occur. The athlete will be suspended from athletics until the matter is investigated.  The athlete will be dismissed from the entire athletic program if found guilty.
  • Non-felony charges may result in game(s) suspension, dismissal from the team, or dismissal from the entire athletic program. Non-felony charges will be investigated by the Principal, SRO, and Athletic Director, and handled on an individual basis.


Team unity and chemistry are a must in order for a team to be successful.  Every member of the team is expected to be loyal to all of the coaches and players on the team.  Any act, which is deemed, by the head coach and athletic director as an attempt to disrupt team unity and continuity will be viewed as conduct detrimental to the team and is grounds for immediate dismissal from the team.

** The athletic director and principal will decide on all matters not specifically covered in this policy.**   


Student/Parent Contract 2016-2017



I, ________________________, understand that playing sports at Indian Land High School is a privilege and not a right.  I have read the athletic department’s policies and procedures, and I agree to abide by them.  By signing this contract I am making a commitment to my school, my coaches and my teammates that I will be loyal and dedicated to the team until the end of the season.  I am aware that playing sports for Indian Land will require a certain amount of effort in scheduling my time so that I may attend practice, do my schoolwork, and fulfill my family obligations.

____________________________________                                    ____________

Student Signature                                                                                        Date

I have read the Indian Land Athletic Department’s Policies and Procedures.  I understand its rules, procedures and consequences.  Furthermore, I agree to abide by them.


____________________________________                                    ____________

Parent Signature                                                                                         Date





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